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Thame Earthquake Relief Fund Distribution

Posted in: 2nd Jul, 2015 Post Category: Blog of Nepal

Nameste! my name is Fura Chhamzi Sherpa. Permanently I am from Thami Solukhumbu. Currently I live in Chandol,Kathmandu.I am not involved in any NGO and INGO. Looking the horrible condition of my village I cannot keep myself silence. So I came here with my mother & brother for some fund donation. You might be wondering from where this idea of helping people came in my mind. I always wanna help people but i couldn’t due to my disability but i never give up. On April 25th 2015 a 7.9 earthquake hit in Nepal which caused a massive loss in Nepal. On that day there was my two Spanish friend for their cycling trek to Nepal. It was at the end of their trek when there was a big hit of earthquake in Nepal. So, for their safety they went to their embassy for help and were send to Spain the next day. So, after they get back to Spain they text me saying they will help me & my family to go Spain but I replied “my village is in pain its not a good idea to go Spain & enjoy for 2 months instead if you can then please send me the money expected t be used by us if we went Spain”. So in this way I start collecting funds. It was very hard to collect funds because it was my 1st time & most of the people didn’t trust me & said a handicap helping people & laugh at me but i didn’t give up.I believe in “when there is will there is the way”.So with the help of my family & friends inside Nepal and outside Nepal I was able to do something for my village at Thami.

Finally, I will like to thank SOS Thame, OS2o, Sport for the World, Dr. Dadiki Sherpa, Pilot Gary & all my families & friends who supported me, believe in me & help me raise money for this project. I’ll also like to thank the villagers for their kind support & co-operation to make this program successful…

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