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Expedition in Africa

In Africa, no mountains reach higher than 6000 metres above sea level. By comparison, Mount Everest is 8848 m a.s.l. In Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain with an elevation of 5199 metres above sea level, followed by Mount Kenya, also the highest mountain in Kenya. The Rwenzori range has an elevation of 5109 m (with Mt Stanley being the highest peak). To name a few other ‘giants’, Mount Meru, an active stratovolcano in Tanzania, has an elevation of 4565 m, while Mount Elgon is an extinct shield volcano located on the border of Uganda and Kenya, north of Kisumu and west of Kitale with an elevation of 4321 m.
These are all allowed for foreigners to climb.

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Community Service - Khumbu Nangpala Trekking and Expedition

Community Service

Khumbu Nangpala works with the motto “Breaking Down Barriers”. Keeping in line with this, Khumbu Nangpala Community Service Project (KNCSP)...

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