Kami Rita Sherpa 2nd Ascents of this Season 12 Years of Service


Cold and dusty is the description many people who have visited Tibet use. The trip to Tibet is not easy but it is an adventure! Tibet was opened to tourism in 1985. Before this, it avoided influence from the Western World, allowing the country to develop its unique culture and religion independently. Governed by spiritual leaders, spiritual institutions were the backbone of power, with their importance and prestige reflected in the scale and magnificence of the architecture. Tibetan Buddhism contains many elements of the older religion ‘Bon Po’, which worshipped the sky, moon, sun, fire, soil and an evil spirit. The monasteries, rich in unique statues, paintings (Thankas), religious and historical books, could take weeks to explore. These monasteries, crowded with pilgrims often travelling long distances to fulfill their vows, are testament to the importance religion still plays in the daily life of the Tibetans. Tibet is an extraordinary destination, where adventure lurks around every corner.

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Community Service - Khumbu Nangpala Trekking and Expedition

Community Service

Khumbu Nangpala works with the motto “Breaking Down Barriers”. Keeping in line with this, Khumbu Nangpala Community Service Project (KNCSP)...

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