Kami Rita Sherpa 2nd Ascents of this Season 12 Years of Service

Rastriya Secondary School (Donation 2018)

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On October 11th, 2018 with the help of Marsha Kay Waters-Stafford (New U Recovery.Inc)  Tami Koepnick, Eileen Erekson, and  Fura Chhamzi Sherpa ( Khumbu Nangpala Trekking & Expidation. Pvt.Ltd) had an oppurnity  to share love with these kids and beautiful woman in village. We would like to thank Adcentives West, New u Recovery, Candy Furu , Days for Girls,Happy Toys Factory, Khumbu Nangpala Trek & Exp.Pvt.Ltd, Lisa Pulley, Joyce Lefevre ,Laura Ludwig, Tami Koepnick and Eileen Erekson for all their support and help without them this project of love would not have been possible. We give our gratitude to God for trusting us with his will  and love. Thank you, we are pleased to document our trip. I would like to thank our team members.

Adcentives West, New u Recovery and Candy Furu ( 500 Backpacks)
Days for Girls (washable pads), Happy Toys Factory( Wooden toys)
Khumbu Nangpala trek & Exp.Pvt.Ltd (10 crochet blanket sets)
Lisa Pulley, Joyce Lefevre and Laura Ludwig ( Crochet hat)
Tami Koepnick and Eileen Erekson (Volunteers)

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