Kami Rita Sherpa 2nd Ascents of this Season 12 Years of Service


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Nepal is a small landlocked country with a diversity of natural and cultural wealth you will find in few places on earth and is one of richest countries in the world in the terms of bio-diversity due to its unique geographical position and altitude variation. Unique craftsmanship is most easily found in temples, architecture, shrines, fountains and the design of religious objects and is not only the land of mountains, it is also the land of festivals. There are more than 50 festivals celebrated in Nepal every year.The great civilization of Nepal espicially cities which are built in mideaval period are justly famous for the masterpicese of art they produced. In astitecture, sculpture, painting, metal work, literature, music & dance the various group of people who have made the valley their home have left a marvelous legacy.

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