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Horse Riding Trek

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Tashi (male horse) & Pemba (female horse)

Horse back riding will gives you an unique adventure journey in Nepal to make your holiday enjoyable and even more memorable. Due to the country’s geographical features many places in different regions are not accessible by roads. People living in those areas are using horses to travel from place to place, carry food, clothes, medicines and other goods to far, remote areas. Especially in trans-Himalayan region (behind the tall mountain or southern rim of Tibetan plateau) where people have adopted horse riding as a culture and most important means for daily life.

One can enjoy the Horse riding in any part of the country. No matter whether you want a month long horse riding trek or a few hours of galloping, all are available to suite your needs. The good news is that, those who are unable to walk on foot in the trans – Himalayan region can also make their trekking trip to Nepal and explore their imagination. It’s a great way to explore the country’s rich landscape which might otherwise be inaccessible. Those who have a dream to go Nepal for tour but unable to walk; can join us our horse riding package to fulfill their dream holiday. We organize city horse riding tour & pony trekking in mountains. Ponies can be hired for short excursions or alternatively full pony treks can be arranged depending on your requirements. A tailor-made itinerary can be arranged to meet with your special requirements.

Pony Trek in Nepal is a trekking through remote area, along the rivers and lakes, perfect countryside and meeting local families along the way – a fascinating way to experience the mountain of Nepal this is my personal experience with Marsha K Waters & my father Nima Sherpa

October 23rd 2014: Kathmandu-Lukla-Phakding

The World’s most Dangerous Airport

Our day begins early as we head for Kathmandu Domestic Airport to catch the Lukla flight.Assuming the flight departs without much delay, and have a fine weather, i was so excited as it was my 1st trek to Khumbu reason but the flight was delayed not because of the bad weather but the front well of our plane was damaged at Lukla. So at around 11:35 am we flew. We were very lucky that day the weather was very clear so we got a chance to see a very stunning views of Himalayan peaks. In about half an hour, the aircraft makes a somewhat tense landing on the sloping railway in the middle of the mountains.

Since i can’t walk we hired 2 horse one for me(Tashi) & next to carry our load (Pemba) .We had our lunch at Lukla & prepare for the march ahead to Phakding. The trail leaves Lukla through a kaani or gateway. Soon we were walking down a gently descending trial, through a forest starch one of our horse(carring load) fall down around 25 meter down right in front of me. I got more scared as it was my 1st horse riding. so after 3 hour we reached our lodge. but My dad & Marsha reached after 5 hours. At Phakding we meet two Korean boys on their unexpected journey.Their backpack looked so havey with a solar panel to charge their electronic devices,a flag of Korea & Nepal the bag was full of stuff. They were heading to Kala Patthar. We had a great conversation & took some selfies with them.Over night stay.

October 24th 2014: Phakding- Namche

Namche Bazaar

After breakfast in Phakding we start our trek to Namche.The trail from Phakding crossing the bridge & climbing past the Star & Sunrise lodges & then bearing right,stays for a while on the weast bank of the river. We had lunch at Monjo& head towards Namche. Just before the bridge, the Dudh Kosi is meat by its tributary flowing from the west, theBhote Koshi. Once on the other side, walk up to the rather precious viewpoint high over the confluence of the Dudhand Bhote Koshi rivers and savour the atmospherics of this violent meeting of waters. The trail now begins the final steep 600 m/2,000 ft uphill climb to Namche. This was a tough,exhausting, stretch & could well take more hen two hours. It is impotent not to hurry here, since we have reached heights where altitude sickness is possible. We reached at lodge by 2 pm but my dad & Marsha reached by 5 pm.We were so tired we relaxed took hot shower & did an evening walk in Namche Bazaar before dinner. We meet a German lady named Liane Hankner she was in Namchefor a voluntary teacher. We  told her we are heading to Thame so she also was interested to visit she join us till Thame. Over night stay.

October 25th 2014: Namche- Thame

Way to Thame

The trail  to Thame from Namche (3,440 m/11,280 ft) heads out from the gompa on the vallag’s western edge, climbing past a clutter of praying flags, mani stone & chortens from where, to the wast, are visible the RolwialngHimal peaks of Tengi Ragi Tau (6943 m/ 22,778 ft), Pharchamo (6187 m/20,298 ft) & Tengkangpoche (6500 m/21,325 ft) besides of course the Kwangde  summit.We had our lunch at Samde (3580 m/1175 ft)and view of the Kwangde mountain. Just a head of Samde, from a chautara, can be seen the Thame monastery high on the hilside, below Tengkangboche range.The trail makes a rapid descent to a bridge over a deep gorge of the thundering Bhote Koshi river; at times a rainbow forms on the surging waters. We reached Thame by 5pm. We were very lucky as we reached our lodge it start raining. Since it was my 1st time lots of my relative came to welcome us with a tea port in one hand & Khata in their next hand.Over night stay.

October 26th 2014: Thame


Thame monestary

After breakfast we head to Thame monestary and had lunch at my grand parents house. then we went to Thameschool & did some stuff donation brought by Marsha and returned to lodge.Over night stay.

October 27th 2014 :Thame – Namche


After breakfast we head back to Namche . We had our lunch at Samde and trek some rest & relax took sun bath after half hour we head to Namche.

October 28th 2014 : Namche – Phakding


After having breakfast in Namche we start walking back to Phakding. We head downhill from  600 m/2,000 ft. It was very painful to ride a horse downhill, for around 2 hours forv a moment I wish I could skip that path but seing the beautifuul views I forgot all my pain. We had our lunch at Monjo & reached Phakding at around 4pm.

October 29th 2014 : Phakding- Lukla

At Lukla we meet a new friend

After having breakfast in Phakding we start walking back to Lukla by lunch time we reached there. Right after we reached there it start raining so Marsha went to sleep.But we were chatting. In Phakding we meet a French couple with his son for their vaction. We chat all day with a cup of tea.

October 30th 2014: Lukla –  Kathmandu

Waiting picture at Lukla airport

On the morning of our flight October 30, 2014 the weather look clear lots of plane landed & flew back but at our time suddenly there was grey clouds and fog. We were scheduled to fly out at 9:00 but that time came and went.After a few of hours we heard that Simrik Airline got cancelled at around 2pm. But we still wait then after few hours we heard a group of planes returning from Kathmandu. Things were looking up! Round one had made it through and round two was flying out mere minutes after the planes arrived. We were scheduled for wave three. If the weather holds off we would be back to Kathmandu by the end of the day.
By 3:30 we were told to go to the airport and check in. Looks like we would be flying out after all. Two planes came in one after another and as quickly as the passengers were filing off, we were filing on. We had barely enough time to strap in to one of the 14 seats on the tiny plane before the pilot took off. I looked at the window across the aisle. It had a crack that was taped shut with duct tape. Right, this was going to be safe. The takeoff from Lukla is terrifying. The short runway plunges into a deep valley surrounded by the Himalayas. I couldn’t look out the window for fear that we fall off the end of the airstrip before getting liftoff. I kept telling myself that the pilots are professionals, they do this several times a day. Every day.

Family reunion

I wish I could stop time & live in this moment forever so that I would never lose sight of nature’s beauty, the comfort from my family reunion, or the taste of their love & joy to see me visiting them. the time goes by so fast hours seem like seconds. I just wanna freeze time & be with my love ones…and all this is possible just because of you Mama Marsha Kay Waters.Sometimes words are not enough to express what is hidden inside our heart “Thank you for coming into my life and giving me joy, thank you for loving me and receiving my love in return. Thank you for the memories I will cherish forever. But most of all, thank you for showing me my mama’s home town. ”

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