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Fura Chhamzi Sherpa

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Managing Director


Fura Chhamzi Sherpa, I’m (born 1988)  a Nepali Sherpa entrepreneur and was born a healthy child in a middle-class Sherpa family in Nepal on October 21, 1988. When I was two years old I almost suffered an early death. But there was a miracle. I didn’t die. Unfortunately, I lost the use of my legs. The doctor could not find out my problem. my treatment was stopped but in 1997 I went to Japan with my papa. The doctor found the reason why I was unable to walk. It was spinal meningitis. He suggested that I needed risky brain surgery, but I would have a 50% chance of survival, a 25% chance to be permanently mentally disabled, and overall a 25% chance to walk again. Ultimately my parents couldn’t risk and decided not to do brain surgery. Then I was sent back to Nepal but was better than before. After returning from Japan I started to go to school. The Japanese decided to pay my tuition fees. It was not easy to go to school and come home due to my disability. I faced a lot of problems during my school life. Actually, due to my disability, I couldn’t complete my education. I was in depression. But her uncle Kami Rita Sherpa came to me and said:” It’s okay getting graduated should not be the only goal being independent should be your goal to be achieved.” I was confused by his words. I looked at him strangely. He understood me and with a smile on his face he replied to me “We Sherpa, are related to the mountains your grandfather, father, and uncle also worked in this sector without education but you have a plus point you are educated.” So after my uncle’s advice, I started my own business Khumbu Nangpaa Trekking And Expedition.pvt.ltd.  Nevertheless, I’ve been facing a lot of problems due to my disabled legs for a long time. However, today I’m a capable tour operator in Nepal just because of her uncle Kami Rita Sherpa.


At the age of 24, my career began as an entrepreneur at that time I was the youngest woman entrepreneur and is a famous Sherpa woman YouTuber/social worker in Nepal. I (joined YouTube Nov 9, 2011) have 10k+ subscribers till 17th July 2020. I’m one of the most popular YouTubers in Nepal in a short time. I’ve 718,282 views with 232 videos in my Vlog. With my strong willing power today I’m a capable tour operator in Nepal. 


Mobile:    +9779849764192

Email:     fura@khumbunangpala.net 

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