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Seto Gumba (Druk Amitabh Mountain)

Posted in: 10th Dec, 2013 Post Category: Blog of Nepal

Druk Amitabh Mountain (or popularly known as Seto Gumba) can be a relaxing and comforting place for anyone searching for a calm and serene atmosphere. It is located in the midst of vivid terrain and lush GREEN valley or white monastery is a heavan to witness the sunrise and sunset. Just located in the outskirts of the valley Seto Gumba is a panoramic kaleidoscope of colors and rich culture that showcases the valley in the most spectacular way. One can take a cab from Sitapaila or go on a bike or any other mode of transport. One can also walk up there via the same route as even a slow walker can reach there within two hours. Founded in 1989 by His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa, this monastery is open to all the visitors on Saturdays only.

It is gaining popularity in the heart of the residents of Kathmandu as it is not that far and is easily accessible. The view of sunrise and sunset is magnificent from here on a clear day as it is situated at top of a small hill. One can also look at the clear panoramic view of Kathmandu which is breathtaking. The decorations and carvings are truly beautiful and inspired from Tibetan culture and architecture. The clean environment and the rush of fresh air are capable of luring any one other towards this place. It has a beautiful garden area which can be used to take rest and have fun. Away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life one can find peace of mind and spiritual connection in Seto Gumba. Anyone can be lost in the calm and tranquil environment for hours in this place.

Looking at it from a traveler’s point of view Seto Gumba is bliss of astounding natural rejuvenation that searches excitement as well as calmness. Endorsed with a rich Tibetan culture and architecture, it splurges vivid colors in the murals, statue and paintings professing Buddhism and its techniques. One can get nostalgic in the presence of finding and seeing the explicit environment that melds you in its presence. Winds shouting out loud the music of scenic views and panoramic existence makes you think of what life and you will lose time in absence. Once you get here you will be abided by the smell, sounds and praying flags that spread around the message of peace, patience, and calmness. The more interesting are the visuals that overlook the valley in a synchronizing way of contouring the old cultural heritage with the increasing encroachment of the concrete jungle.

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