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My first helicopter flight over Thame

Posted in: 3rd Jul, 2015 Post Category: Blog of Nepal

On April 25th 2015 a 7.9 earthquake hit in Nepal which caused a massive loss in Nepal. Looking the horrible condition of my village i cannot keep myself silence. So I came here with my mother & brother for some fund donation on 06/28/2015. With the help of my families & friends inside Nepal and Outside Nepal I was able to do something for our Village at Thami. But while returning back the road way was completely destroyed. So, we flew in Helicopter.

We (My mother, my brother & I ) were first-time helicopter flyers,and we were in different helicopter. My mother & brother was in Fishtel & i was in Mountain Helicopter with my aunt Lakpa Doma Sherpa (so were 3 others on our ride) and my nerves were certainly on edge, particularly during the safety briefing and on the way to the flight office.On the morning of our flight the weather wasn’t clear. So we waited till noon.We were hungry but we have to wait for our heli. By 12:30 the helicopter landed in Thame we quickly get in it. However, the staff was very cheerful, the ‘terminal’ clean and professional-looking and made it all about having a fun time ; they even strapped us in, and the flight was very noisy . Once we ‘took off’ (more like floated up like a balloon) I was too awestruck by the scenery and great visibility from all the windows to be nervous. The flight wasn’t smooth and was very noisy . The pilot was very knowledgeable and provided lots of information about the island and answered our questions as we flew along. We had a great time! I took and a great way to share our flight with the friends & my readers when we got home.

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